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New plot thread up in Europe. This affects the world as a whole, if you are in any faction you may want to check it out.

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Post by Spoodnick on Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:30 pm

Imagine a world, a world where every-one you pass on the street has seemingly supernatural powers. Shooting fire out of their hands, laser beams and all that stuff. This is the world I live in and let me tell you, it's not exactly the perfect piece of paradise. After a certain event happened everything went to hell. The event that had changed the world also engulfed it in war. In 2015, this event was called "World-War III". A fitting name, I'm sure.

Every country in the world was at one-another's throat. No allies, only enemies. To help in the war, American scientists, one in particular, started doing illegal experiments to develop powerful weapons. Some people called the scientist a genius, others a madman, some even referred to the guy as insane. However no mere madman could create something as incredible as what he had made.This one scientist made an incredible breakthrough, a serum. This special serum was injected into the soldiers fighting in the war giving them enhanced senses.

Faster, stronger, more perceptive, this serum was making them all into something greater than themselves. Super humans. To make a quick buck the scientist sold the formula to the other sides fighting in the battle causing a new type of war, one which the world hadn't seen until that point. Years and years of fighting got them nowhere, no-one had won the war and no-one had lost. Generations went by, technology hadn't advanced at all because all of the worlds scientists were devoted to one united purpose. Weapons.

The year 2150. After generations and generations of fighting the super soldiers noticed something. The virus that was introduced into their bodies through the serum had mutated. It was both contagious and hereditary. The virus had evolved. Giving people new and unbelievable powers. Manipulating water, flying, super speed, pretty much anything you could think of. It was incredible.  However, every silver lining has an ugly, dark storm cloud. These new super-powers caused conflict like any other, however not one person was above another. Every-one was equal.

With almost every-one having powers, if you miraculously didn't have powers you were sought after. Hunted down and treated like a dog by the government of every country. Power hungry pigs not wanting to give up their powers believed that the key to losing ones powers was these rare-breed of people who had no powers. These people were titled the "Inhibitors". There are a few people, however who fight alongside the Inhibitors. Good people who just want all the fighting to stop. With all of the countries of the world against each-other, this caused yet another conflict in this war-ridden world. One between people who wanted the Inhibitors dead and those who protected them.

Yes, this is the world we live in. This world, torn asunder by a constant conflict, where a place of peace is a rarity, is the Perfect Imbalance.

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