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News Board

Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:51 pm by Spoodnick

New plot thread up in Europe. This affects the world as a whole, if you are in any faction you may want to check it out.

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Perfect Imbalance Rules

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Perfect Imbalance Rules Empty Perfect Imbalance Rules

Post by Spoodnick on Sat Apr 26, 2014 3:00 pm

General Role-Playing and Courtesy:
Section I: General Role-Playing and Common Courtesy
A. Role-playing will be the main activity of the site.

B. Posting Out of Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum.

C. All profane and vulgar language should be kept out of the forum, regardless of the character and regardless of the situation. Any and all phrases/words that are used in a condescending manner towards a particular race, religion, sex, etc., are a bannable offense.

D.please use proper grammar and spell things correctly as much as possible. While it’s fine to have a typo or two, don't substitute things like the words you, to, and are for single letters/numbers.

F. There is a posting limit of at least a paragraph (4 or 5 lines), however longer posts are better and you should strive to have descriptive posts. Describe the area, describe what your character is doing, describe how they are feeling, recap the other players post if they were talking and add a reaction. Remember that longer,well written descriptive posts  will always get you more Power Points than short half-arsed ones.

G. No double posting, there is an edit button so that you can change your posts if needed.

H. The depiction of sex is forbidden. You may 'Fade to Black' in these instances. These kind of things should be restricted to Closed, personal threads. You may not have anything happen in an open thread, or in a thread where others are participating and may be uncomfortable with the event. Please use common sense.

I. Rape and pedophilia may not be portrayed. Keep torture and gore to a minimum, and in closed threads only. If you absolutely feel that you must include something into open story materials, it should be as vague as possible and only alluded to if needed.

J. Show respect to everyone on the forum at all times. This includes in the chatbox and on the forums.

K. Return of a dead character is possible if you have a good, justifiable reason for it.

L. Absolutely no God Modding. There are four types of god mods:

Autohit: This is when you attack a member and decide the attack hits without giving them a chance to dodge.*
Power Play: This is when you dodge or counter every single attack thrown at you.
Metagaming: This is when you use knowledge learned out of character and give to your character who has no way of knowing the information.
Controlling other characters that are not your own; the exception to this is NPC’s. See section V for more details.*

* these can be done with permission from the players involved.

M. Signature and Avatar Rules

Maximum Font Size: 16
Pictures must be non-animated, and a maximum of 100 pixels in height.(Avatar pictures are rescaled automatically)
Keep your signature small and clean. Do not have large gaps of space between text.

N. The staff reserves the right to lay out any consequence they see fit for the breaking of these or any other site rules.

O. Do not add any for of punctuation to your username. Doing this will result in a ban due to it causing trouble for the site.

Character Creation:
SECTION II: Character Creation

A. Your character is not God, he/she is not immortal and he/she is not invincible. He/she is a mortal being. If he/she loses his/her hand it will not grow back unless your superpowers dictate this possible. He/she cannot dodge every attack and he/she cannot instantly kill people, this goes back to godmodding.

B. In no way, shape or form are Mary Sues allowed on this site, if you do we we call the police, we will call them and they will take you away.

C. When making the profile for a character make it as detailed as you can. A simple profile will not be approved until more detail is added.

D.posting W.I.P. profiles is allowed just make sure to put [W.I.P] before the title of your thread

E. NO ROLE-PLAYING AS OFFICIAL OR LICENSED DC/Marvel/Any other proper superhero CHARACTERS! No you can not be Batman, end of story

F. Be creative with your characters and don't copy someone else's idea.

G. Once your character(s) is/are approved you must include a link to their approved profile in your signature. This link is to be clearly marked with your character's name.

H. Do not comment in approval threads that do not belong to you.

I. Your character needs approval from two different Mods or Admins. Modmins cannot approve their own character.

Side Characters:
SECTION III: Side Characters

A: When making a side character they must have some sort of relation to your main character. E.g, A family member or minion.

B: All of your side characters pathogen points are exactly half of your main characters.

C: You are allowed a maximum of four side characters.

D: All of your side characters must be mention and linked in your signature with their names.

E: Side characters will be put into the same forum as the main characters, however you must put the [SIDE] tag in front of their names in the thread title.

F: Side characters only require one mod/admin's approval to be accepted.

G: In case of your main character's death, all of his/her Pathogen Points will be inherited by a side character of your choosing.

Thread Rules:
Section IV: Thread Rules

A: When you create a post be sure to give it an appropriate tag and then the title of the thread. At this current time there are only a few tags. You can have multiple tags on a post.

[Open] threads can be joined by anyone. They generally have no limit on the number of players, but having too many can get very hectic and out of control. Choose wisely. Any thread with no tags is considered open.
[Closed] threads are restricted to people who were invited only. You cannot post in a closed thread unless you have prior permission from the creator of the thread. If you wish to join a Closed thread, you may PM the creator about it. The creator of the thread is allowed to decide who, if anyone, can control any relevant NPCs.
[Invite] threads function exactly as a closed thread does, except that the creator of the thread can be sent a PM or otherwise asked for permission to join the thread. If you receive permission, you may post in the thread.
[Limited] threads are designed to combine Open and Closed threads. The thread with this tag is considered open, until there are a certain number of people participating in it. After that, it becomes closed. The creator of this thread should keep track and update their post accordingly. Example.
[Ongoing] threads take place over several periods of time, and may have timeskips. If an Ongoing thread is on the timeline, that simply means that is the time when the thread begins, but it may take place on other dates in the future as well. The purpose of these threads is to reduce the need for large amounts of threads between the same characters. Events in these threads should be minor and shouldn't have a great effect on a character's development.
[Plot] A plot thread is Closed by default. They are created my members of the forum using the Plot Zone section.
[Event] Event threads are typically run by staff members of the site. They may be open or closed, depending on the type of event. They will be tagged as such.

B: You are allowed to be in multiple threads at once. Don't spread yourself too thin to where you can't keep up with the threads you are in.

C: Non-Canon threads have their own section. These threads do not appear on the timeline and cannot be referenced outside of their thread or related Non-Canon threads.

NPC Rules:
Section V: Non-player Character Rules

A: In Open threads, minor NPC character such as: shop owners, cafeteria workers, professors can be controlled by anyone. Interactions like this should be kept short and not be the mainstay of the thread.

B: Major NPC’s such as enemies, thread critical ones are to be controlled by staff members or approved minions in Open threads. In Closed threads, however, a member can control them if they have permission or they are GM of a plot.

C. NPCs relating to player character such as family members and those mentioned in character history can be controlled by the player without permission from Staff. These NPCs are character plot related and cannot show up all the time to the point where they become like a second character.

Other Rules:
Don't Be A Dick.

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Perfect Imbalance Rules Empty Re: Perfect Imbalance Rules

Post by njrk97 on Sat May 17, 2014 6:49 pm

Revision Rules
1.Dont be that guy

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