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that rock underneath Nigel Thornberry
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Anime, Games, Basketball, RPG's
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hu·mor (hyo̅o̅′mər) n. 1. The quality that makes something laughable or amusing; funniness: could not see the humor of the situation. 2. That which is intended to induce laughter or amusement: a writer skilled at crafting humor. 3. The ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing, comical, incongruous, or absurd. See Synonyms at wit1. 4. One of the four fluids of the body, blood, phlegm, choler, and black bile, whose relative proportions were thought in ancient and medieval physiology to determine a person's disposition and general health. 5. Physiology a. A body fluid, such as blood, lymph, or bile. b. Aqueous humor. c. Vitreous humor. 6. A person's characteristic disposition or temperament: a boy of sullen humor. 7. An often temporary state of mind; a mood: I'm in no humor to argue. 8. a. A sudden, unanticipated whim. See Synonyms at mood1. b. Capricious or peculiar behavior. tr.v. hu·mored, hu·mor·ing, hu·mors 1. To comply with the wishes or ideas of; indulge. 2. To adapt or accommodate oneself

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