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New plot thread up in Europe. This affects the world as a whole, if you are in any faction you may want to check it out.

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Mifune Akiyama

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Mifune Akiyama Empty Mifune Akiyama

Post by topsy631 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 5:40 pm


Name: Mifune Akiyama

Age: 22 and 5/8th's

Gender: Male.

Occupation/Faction: Mifune teaches Kendo at a local dojo that he opened up.

Hobbies: Mifune is a master of the sword so obviously his hobbies are swords and anything sword related. Mifune also likes to relax when he can, he enjoys hot baths followed by tea in the backyard while sharpening and cleaning his sword collection. Mifune is a HUGE tea fan, it's his favourite drink. In is time off Mifune likes to spend it training, relaxing, drinking tea or sharpening his swords. Mifune also has this habit of chewing on something. Mifune is always chewing on something, normally it's a toothpick but if he runs out he improvises, onetime he even chewed on a shoelace because he lost his last toothpick in a fight.

Appearance: Mifune is a laid back person and dresses in baggy clothes, normally just long stuff because he finds it more comfortable. Mifune normally likes to wear a pair of hakama pants, they are great for fighting in and are really comfortable. But Mifune switches between his hakama and cargo pants. He also generally wears jumpers or flannelette shirts. Mifune normally as his hair up in a ponytail but occasionally he likes to wear a beanie. Mifune has Dark blue hair, almost a bit purple. He also has blue eyes. Mifune normally carries his swords on his hips, when fighting Mifune uses one sword and has the rest floating behind him with his telekinesis.  

History: When Mifune was 2 (still a baby at the time) his father was killed by an intruder and burnt alive by his powers, in the midst of the intrusion the carpet his father was standing also caught fire, resulting in the house burning down. Mifune's ran into Mifune's room and grabbed him from his cot. His mother put a shield around the two of them with her power until the fire brigade came. After such a tragedy Mifune's mother was a wreck, she couldn't  do anything or talk to anyone. She decided to give Mifune away to a foster home. Because of how young he was Mifune never knew his parents and was told much about them. When Mifune was about 5 an old man around 50 years of age adopted him from the nursing home and took him to live in a small village in the mountains. Mifune's new father was a man named Akio. They lived together in Shirakawa, a small mountain village in the Gifu prefecture of Japan. It was here that Akio trained Mifune.

Mifune was around age 7 when he first started noticing his powers. It happened one day when Mifune was playing outside and his ball rolled into a lake. He tried to reach it but he couldn't, at the time Mifune loved soccer and couldn't imagine losing his ball. He tried and tried but he couldn't reach it. But then, while he was reaching the ball it started floating out of the water. After raising up out of the lake it started floating towards Mifune. Once he grabbed his ball Mifune ran back home as fast as he could, he couldn't wait to tell Akio about his power. not long after Akio started training Mifune to use his ability, and once Mifune was 10 years old he taught him martial arts as well.

Akio owned a dojo, he decided to Mifune martial arts. Akio trained Mifune to use a sword, which he mastered by age 16. After he mastered the sword Akio and Mifune started implementing his Telekinesis power into his sword fighting. At first he could just do basic stuff with one sword but after 4 years of training Mifune could easily fight with 10 swords. Once Mifune was able to fight with multiple swords Akio started  teaching him Archery, Mifune wasn't very good at it at first but started getting better. Mifune only trained in archery for 1 year, he wasn't good but he could handle himself if the occasion ever arised, not long after Akio started getting sick. Mifune visited Akio everyday in the hospital, bringing him food and updating him on how everything is going. Akio told Mifune that he wanted him to take on the dojo and of course Mifune accepted, he would do anything for Akio. After a few months Akio made a full recovery and went back to living with Mifune. Together they both ran and taught in the dojo. On Mifune's 22nd birthday he decided he would travel around and see what the world had to offer. Before he left Akio gave Mifune his most prised sword, one that he had handmade himself. With this gift Mifune set off into the big world.    

Personality: Mifune is a laid back guy, he gives off a kind of lazy attitude but he's not afraid to get to work if needed. He is also a kind person who will always stand up for someone in need. Mifune is actually pretty big on fighting, despite what his characteristic may lead people to think, he admires the grace true fighters have in their movements and attacks. Mifune has a habit of always chewing on something whether it be a toothpick, lollipop, piece of grass or a shoelace for that matter, he just has this itch to chew on things and it causes discomfort in his jaw if he hasn't chewed on something for a while. Mifune is also a big fan of tea, it is his favourite drink and would never say no when offered.


Power: Mifune has the power of Telekinesis, Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with ones mind. Mifune is a sword master and generally fights with his adoptive fathers sword in his hands and uses his Telekinesis to hold 10 swords behind him which he uses to fight. Mifune uses his Telekinesis to swing the swords and round and fights with them with them. It kind of looks like they are flying.

Drawbacks/Limitations: Mifune can only use his telekinesis on 10 objects at a time any more and he can't focus properly or move them quickly or precisely. If Mifune is using more than 10 objects he cant use them properly and has barely any control over them as he can not focus.

Capabilities: Mifune can use his Telekinesis on 10 objects, he can use it to move big objects but because it requires a lot of focus the bigger the object the less he can use, and the smaller the objects the more he can use as he does not have to really focus to hold or move small things. Mifune normally just uses his power on 10 swords that he carries around with him, with his power he suspends 10 swords in the air and fights with his Telekinesis by either throwing, slashing or thrusting them at his opponents.

Category: Mifune has a regulation type power.

Type: Mifune's power is an Offensive power.

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Mifune Akiyama Empty Re: Mifune Akiyama

Post by Spoodnick on Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:31 pm

Various Typos everywhere, give it a proof read. Other than that everything is perfectly fine. 920 Pathogen Points to be awarded on acceptance.

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Mifune Akiyama Empty Re: Mifune Akiyama

Post by njrk97 on Thu Nov 20, 2014 6:01 pm


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Mifune Akiyama Empty Re: Mifune Akiyama

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